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We are a small Perth business that offer only the highest of quality knife sharpening.

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About Slice 'N' Dice

We are a family run Perth based business starting from humble beginnings. My name is Anthony Falkingham, I started this business out of the love I have for knives, which started when I was about 12 years old as my father was a hunter. I have two machines that I use to sharpen with, one of them is used to sharpen kitchen knives, scissors and most other blade implements, leaving you with a razor sharp finish for a lower cost. But if you have a high quality, high grade steel, I use my Wicked Edge sharpening system, in which I can control the angle and beville of the blade being sharpened. This system is state of the art revolutionary and second to none in sharpening. It has up to 12 levels of grinding diamond stones and stropping diamond paste which results in the most devastating cutting edge.

Only the best quality sharpen

This is the Wicked Edge system which gives us complete control of all aspects of the blade.

Price List

Standard Blade

For your standard kitchen knives, scissors and run of the mill blades we give them an awesome razor finish.

High Grade Blade

The ultimate high quality sharpen, we use 4000 grit stone on the Tormak T8 for that professional Chef's knife finish. We also do most other tools and axes, drill bits, chisels, planer blades and more!

Ultra-High Grade Blade

This will leave your blade with an ultra-fine 0.5 micron hair popping edge, with a 12 stage angle specific sharpen on the wicked edge machine, Over 30 minutes of the highest quality sharpening!

All knifes are subject to evaluation for correct pricing.

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Slice 'n' Dice
WA 6024, Australia

Anthony - 0430 999 433
Silvia - 0432 482 469